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These are the most common questions we've received to date. Hopefully, your question is answered here.
  • What are my chances of receiving a grant?

          Depending on the information we gather from you, your chances could range from 90 to 95%. Some students have lost grants because they switched majors. Others have lost grants do to falling below their GPA requirment.

  • How long will I have to wait for a grant?

          The average grant process takes a full six months. Some have been received in as little as two months. 

  • My Parents pay for my education. Are there any income restrictions?

          No. We've helped a number of parents pay for their child's education. There are no income restriction whatsoever.

  • Do I have to be enrolled in school?

          No. However, you must have the intentions of going or returning to school to use our service. You will only receive a grant after proving that you are enrolled.

  • Are there any other hidden costs?


  • What happens if I decide not to go to school?

         If you make this decision 11 or more days after you register, you lose your application fee. We lose the time and effort we put into your grant application.



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The Grant Foundation
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