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Welcome to our web site!

There Are No Income Restrictions. Everyone Is Elgible To Use Our Services

There's aproximately over 80 Billion dollars available for students who desire the opportunity to receive Grants and Schalorships. Rather these students want to attend colleges or technical institutes doesn't matter. These grants are available to those who take the time to go after them. And for those who don't know how, but still share the same desire, seek help from The Grant Foundation. We're the leaders of our industry. and we've helped students receive over 72 Million dollars in financial assistance. You could very well be the next.


Once you fill out our Student Profile Registration Form, we'll use the information when we begin to write your Grant Application.  We'll take specific information that you  give and use it to customize your application to each corporate affiliate. Our service is only for students who wish to invest in their future. No guarantees or promises are made, but you'll never go wrong by choosing to invest in your own education.


Our Grant writers are the best in the business. And based on our payment policy, our clients are guaranteed to get the top quality of service that they deserve. Aside from our Application Fee, The Grant Foundation does not receive any payment until our client receives a grant through our efforts.   


Sign up now...Don't delay! The money is out there and you deserve to get your share. The amount of money you or your parents make doesnt matter. We do not ask for your income or tax information. Apply Now.

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The Grant Foundation
P. O. Box 14056 Newport News, VA. 23608